Power Talks

Businesses can be hard and we all are on a journey 

Businesses can be hard and we all are on a journey where we all have been down in the dumps before. Wondering, if what we are doing really worth it? Confused whether your present actions will leave an impact on tomorrow. 

Whatever is the situation with you but don’t forget to move in forward. MADHU BHASKARAN, the founder of SAMAGRA and a motivational speaker stated that I have learned this lesson earlier in my life. I was born to an uneducated family in Kerala. I was just 4 when my family has to move Tamilnadu because of financial troubles. In the initial days of my career, I fell many times but I didn’t stay quiet. When you fell down, it is just the right time to try things once more. 

After this, I never looked back and I was happy that I gave a chance to myself. During my career of 26 years as an HRD trainer and business strategist, I have changed the lives of more than 1 lac people. The same is true for every person either it is an entrepreneur or employees working within the organisation. When we have belief in ourselves, we can do much better than our expectations. 

Keeping all my struggles in mind and based on my personal experiences, I designed this program where we organize inspirational talks with entrepreneurs and their employees. Sometimes, even if we are moving in the right direction, we are not sure of the success and we back out eventually.  To avoid this situation in your life, we will deliver inspirational speeches to keep you motivated throughout your life. 

We assure you that you can give a better push to your life after joining this quick training program with SAMAGRA. We wish you luck for a successful career journey and enjoy a motivated and inspirational attitude to reach heights and grow exponentially.