About Us

About Samagra

Samagra is an initiative by Madhu Bhaskaran, a renowned Business Strategist and HRD trainer. We are Aiming to create a sense of total revamping in the life of an entrepreneur through all the sources available and also by creating out of the world products and programs that will help them, support them and guide them to take all steps required to take their life and business to next level. We believe that if we have a strong purpose in our mind and work on it un-conditionally we will be able to achieve it. We Samagra holds a strong purpose and each member associated with Samagra live for it.


“ To Create Meaningful, Progressive and Value driven leaders by providing tools and strategies to unleash their immense potential”

Empowering people



Continuous Learning


Our Aim

To provide trailblazing solutions to Entrepreneurs that witnesses radical shifts in their mindsets and enabling everlasting transformations so that they can achieve maximum heights in their businesses in a dynamic world of the business.

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